Uotami – Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

Known as the “otaku”- which means tech geek in Japan but Jap culture vultures in other parts of the world -district, Akihabara is the dream. Filled with tech shops such as the famous Bic Camera, one stop late night shopping such as Don Quijote, “French maids” and “students” roaming the streets giving out flyers to men asking them to visit the cafes (they aren’t hookers. They are literally just giving out flyers in costume). You can’t take photos with them because they won’t let you, so be warned. Don’t even try to sneak one, it is really impolite.

In Akihabara, I was told the higher up the food places were, the better the food would be. Thus that’s how I ended up in Uotami (Say Autumn the kawaii way). We ate quite a bit there and spent about 4000 yen between us so about 1500 yen a person. So I’ll just show you the greatest hits.

DSC01265 DSC01266

You cannot go to Japan without tasting takoyaki. I know takoyaki – octopus balls (not testicles)- come from Osaka. But getting it anywhere else in Japan is probably more authentic then anything you’d get back home. For my uninformed friends willing to waste calories on lousy $2 for 3 takoyaki which taste like shit, a good takoyaki should be crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and the octopus within should not be overcooked and tough, but chewy and springy. Closest you’d get to that in SIN is Gindaco, a takoyaki chain from Tokyo. Also try the shishamo – a.k.a pregnant fish. Bite through the fish belly to find a mass of roe beneath. Pretty darn good.

DSC01270 DSC01273

We also ordered a some sticks of yakitori, this one in the picture happens to be bacon wrapped asparagus and grilled squid. There is just something about the seafood in Japan that makes everything so springy and pristine tasting. Well seared and absolutely flavourful.

I can’t exactly tell you where this restaurant is unfortunately as I was just following my travel mates. Also try their Suntory Highball while you are there. It’s dirt cheap. Essentially premixed Suntory whisky in soda water in a can. Some whisky connoisseurs would be crying travesty right now, but hey, you take what you can get.