Tsukiji Fish Market – Tokyo, Japan

I would love to be able to tell you I managed to be one of the lucky 120 visitors to make it into the coveted tuna bidding market in Tsukiji, but I wasn’t. So, grumpy and tired at 4.30am, I was trudging around the fish market’s outer area and trying to avoid being hit by a transport vehicle. The fishmongers jostled me quite a bit, I guess they really hate tourists around the area while they are trying to make a living, which is understandable.

Tsukiji Fish Market

So, I wandered around the market with my travel mates till 6am, when the sushi places were open. There are queues already snaking around, some of the people had been out the whole night drinking and were queueing up for breakfast. But you definitely cannot get any fresher than this. We stopped at this place right inside the vegetable market, where there was no queue.

IMG_3243[1] IMG_3244[1]

The freshest pieces of raw tuna, salmon and mackerel you are ever going to get. Served atop of Japanese pearl rice and covered with nori flakes. The bowl of miso soup that accompanied it was moreish with tofu slices, seaweed and onions. I have seen better presentation of a chirashi before, I admit. But, this was a place only locals were at. This is as authentic and homey as you are going to get. Please do not drown it in wasabi. I will personally kill you.

If you have the chance, you have to eat raw fish at the Tsukiji. It’s as close to eating a live fish as you are ever going get. Mm.