Moelleaux au Chocolat – Singapore

So the boyfriend and I had a belated Valentine’s date this weekend and I embarked on making a typical French dessert for the occasion. The moelleaux au chocolat, also known as lava cake in English, was a work of a simple recipe courtesy of Milly & Olly and a little improvisation on the ramekins, which I do not own.

The recipe calls for

Moelleux au Chocolat

4 eggs

200g of dark chocolate

160g of sugar

40g white flour

200g of butter

Le Ingredients

Le Ingredients

I replaced the white sugar with light muscovado and I used the Cadbury Old Gold dark chocolate.

1) Melt the chocolate bain-marie with butter and sugar. Stick with a wooden spoon till smooth.


A bain-marie is a fancy way of saying hot water bath. Simply place the bowl inside a larger pot of hot (not boiling) water to help melt the ingredients.

2) Add the eggs one at a time while gentle stirring and the flour.

You should get something like this. However, I will modify the recipe in the future by whisking all 4 eggs together first, then pouring it in the mixture slowly. Whole eggs cook and solidify too quickly in the bain-marie.


When you’re all down, pour the mixture into greased ramekins, or in my case, chawanmushi cups and freeze it for at least four hours. Bake for 20 minutes at 210 degrees when ready to serve.
I whittled down the baking time to 15 minutes as the chawanmushi cups have a thicker ceramic base that retain heat longer, from experience, leaving them in for 20 minutes cooks the insides way too much.


Voila! I would say it is a successful recipe, don’t you think?

Alors, à mes amis français: Je sais que cette recette n’est pas très “othodoxe” parce-que, la recette n’était pas d’un blog français. Mais je pense qu’elle est assez bien, qu’est-ce que vous en pensez?