Scarborough Fish n Chip Restaurant – Langkawi, Malaysia

Beautiful, beautiful Langkawi. I love Tanjung Rhu beach in Langkawi. It was a bit of a tumultuous drive for us to get there (almost 45 minutes) but it is well worth it. It is not half as touristy as Cenang Beach, it doesn’t have as much crabs and the sand is much much softer.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

Tanjung Rhu Beach

And right near the beach there’s this small trailer park restaurant called Scarborough Fish n Chip Restaurant which serves up authentic British fry-ups, steak, chicken and a good selection of alcohol. Cold cider is great after a hard day of sun-tanning. While waiting for your food, you can rock out to the 80s hair metal radio station they are tuned into. “WHOAAAA! LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER!”

Scarborough Fish n Chips

Scarborough Fish n Chips

The food is artery clogging goodness but the fish is mighty fresh. My boyfriend picked the barracuda fish fry and the calamari to share. The hard batter can be peeled off to reveal the snowy meaty fish within. Seafood is always great when you’re on an island. The calamari was chewy and nicely fried as well. However, the food here is dripping with grease! You can see it pooling at the bottom of the plate. The condiments are typically British with malt vinegar but with the Asian touch as there was chilli sauce and ketchup on the table as well.

Fish and Chips with Side Salad and Calamari

IMG_2664 Fish and Chips with Side Salad and Calamari

After spending a day in the sun, we both went back there for bottles of cider. In Langkawi they seem to prefer the South African brand Savanna Dry Cider, that has a weird after-taste to me. I still prefer the Australian or British ciders like Magners, Bulmers or my favourite in Sydney, the Dirty Granny.
The best part, you can look at the beautiful beach while you dine on your greasy fry up and wonder how you’ll achieve that bikini bod while stuffing your face with chips. 😛 Oh, and did I mention the place has Wifi as well?

Scarborough Fish n Chip Restaurant is located at

Lot 1388, Jalan Tanjung Rhu,

Mukim Ayer Hangat, 07000 Langkawi