Ramly Burger – Langkawi, Malaysia

I love a good burger. I’ve had chicken, beef, fish, vegan, potato patty and almost had a rabbit burger in Penang (I backed out at the last minute.)

But nothing can beat a Ramly Burger in my opinion. The Ramly Burger can be considered the national burger of Malaysia, when the Ramly family made the recipe popular in Kuala Lumpur in the 70s. There have been many copies of the recipe since and this stall in Langkawi is one of them. But the taste is still truly Malaysian.


A beef or chicken patty is pressed into a hot griddle and flavoured with curry powder or Maggi hoi-sin sauce seasoning, covered in Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and ketchup or chilli sauce. The patty is then wrapped up in a thin egg omelette and sandwiched between two griddled buns slathered with butter.

Resulting in this beauty.


I had the single chicken patty Ramly while my boyfriend had the double beef patty burger. It takes quite a lot of skill to eat this burger without dropping any of the ingredients (I didn’t drop any :P)


He on the other hand was so excited to eat it, he burnt his gullet and dropped the vegetables everywhere. The kak-kak was nice enough to give us more tissues and a bucket for him to clean up.

There’s a multitude of stalls selling one
form of Ramly style burgers or another so if you’re ever in Langkawi take a walk down Pantai Cenang from 8pm onwards to see all the food stalls available.

That’s all for this post, I’m going to slip into my food coma now.