Nha Hang Ngon – Ho Chi Minh City

Woo, after so long I’m finally back in Saigon. And I insisted to be taken to Ngon the moment I arrived.

Ngon on Pasteur Street serves up a multitude of Vietnamese street food like pho, cha gio, vegetable spring rolls and BBQ.

This place is predominantly visited by expats and richer Vietnamese so most of the staff speak perfunctory English.

I was craving so much for a bowl of bun thit nuong with nem – rice vermicelli with fresh vegetables, Vietnamese grilled pork and pork filled fried spring rolls doused in a piquant and tart nuoc mam.


Voila. And this is how you eat it


And the result is a fresh, light meal that contrasts the beautifully marinated pork. This is absolutely my favourite Vietnamese dish and there are many places that make this, but Ngon does the best street food with quality ingredients. Mmmm. This cost only a mere 35,000 dong which is about SGD$2.00.

I’m traveling a bit so the posts are gonna be a bit shorter as I blog from my mobile phone. Happy holidays in advance from me and the Mayans were wrong, happy 2013. 😛