Miz Japanese Restaurant – Singapore

When you step into the Miz, all you’ll hear around you is the prattle of red-faced-after-two-beers Japanese businessmen, Japanese families having dinner, little Japanese children clamouring for some tamago… you get the picture. And being in this type of environment can only mean one thing. This shit be real.

The interior is also clearly Japanese inspired with bamboo walls and wooden floors. The menu is not cheap with food easily costing $30 per head, but boy is it worth the money. Quality over quantity I’d say. Their amuse bouche of edamame was the first start to the lovely meal.

Amuse Bouche of Edamame

Amuse Bouche of Edamame

For the mains, my dining companion chose the Unagi Don which came in a bamboo box filled with Japanese pearl rice, shredded tamago, a fresh slice of eel and an egg yoke on the top. You could really taste the freshness of the eel as compared to a frozen one from the supermarket.

As for me, I can never resist a good Chirashi bowl (different types of sashimi on rice). I chose the one with 7 different types of sashimi as that was the cheaper option than the 11 different ones. And a petite bowl of vinegared sushi rice appear topped with raw maguro, sakae, ika, tako, mentaiko and tamago (tuna, salmon, squid, octopus, crab roe and sweet egg). Just mmmm. Leave it to the Japanese to find a way to make raw food delicious.

Unagi Don and Chirashi Don

Unagi Don and Chirashi Don

So far, this is one of the best Chirashi’s I’ve eaten. Oishi!

Miz Japanese Restaurant is located at

7 Craig Road,

Singapore 089667