Porn’s -Singapore

I know the name is misleading. But no, I did not have food off a naked woman. Porn’s is a Thai food chain owned by this actor Pornsak. This place is no Planet Hollywood, the food is legit.

My friends and I have been wanting to try Porn’s for the longest time and we finally got around to it. The decor is as playful as the name of the restaurant with graffiti with an elephant’s ass being their logo. They serve a multitude of traditional Thai dishes that suit the Thai palate. When I say that, I mean the food is mad spicy!

We started off with a papaya salad Som Tam, I’m quite bad with spice so I really dishonour my own people in this aspect thus I shunned this dish after one bite, but apart from the incredibly spicy chilli padis, it was piquant and fresh. A nice amuse bouche of sorts to begin the meal.

Som Tam

Som Tam

My buddies had green curry and a large tom yum (goong? the one with no coconut milk because I have averse effects to it). Both also had a kick to it that had us all ordering another round of iced lemongrass tea. The tom yum was good with fresh seafood and mushrooms.

IMG_2336 IMG_2335

The boys had rice to go with the dishes but I ordered my favourite Thai dish. Pad Thai. I loved the tart tamarind incorporated with fragrant fish sauce, peanuts topped with the juice of a fresh lime. The seafood was fresh and pristine as well.

Some places put ketchup in place tamarind paste and it is DISGUSTING. But Porn’s is as authentic as it’s going to get. So two thumbs up from me. 🙂

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Don’t write Porn’s off as another celebrity chain restaurant, it’s actually worth its salt. I could be mean and not give you the link below and make you google the name and see what comes up 😛 But I won’t.

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