Dean & Deluca – Singapore

Yes, we have this American gourmet store/cafe in Singapore as well. My close friend, big brother and mentor was probably one of the most excited when they finally reached our shores. He loves New York and tried D&D on many occasions.

The original Dean & Deluca was opened in Soho, 1977 by Giorgio Deluca and Joel Dean. Pioneers in bringing gourmet produce to the US, they have since spread their aesthetic to the Singaporean branch as well. I was very excited to see that they’ve brought it several French products, being the francophile that I am. But the prices are astronomical, in my opinion. But their cheese and cold cuts counter is still fairly decent.

Their cafe, however, leaves a lot to be desired. The Mac & Cheese looked disgusting, cut into thick blocks and imprisoned under a glass case, waiting to be warmed in an oven/microwave.

Most of their pastries are curated from other places like Baker and Cook and Maison Kayser but, they also have their own in house kitchen.

Dean & Deluca

So, at the recommendation of my friend, I decided to pop in for a cup of iced tea and pastries. I picked the Sour Cherry Tart (Baker and Cook, $6.50) and their very own in house Red Velvet Cake ($8.50).

Sour Cherry Tart

The filling was tart with bits of real cherries, however I was  disappointed by the mildly burnt bottom crust. Same for the Red Velvet cake, it was slightly burnt at the bottom as well. It was not the best I’ve had, but for $8.50 a pop, a expected better from Dean & Deluca.

Red Velvet Cake

All in all, it is still a nice chill spot for tea time. When I say chill, I really mean it. The metal chairs are like cold toilet seats to a warm bum.

I am not so sure about how my friend feels about the local Dean & Deluca. And I am sad to say, I will never know. My friend passed away suddenly on Nov 1. This post is dedicated to the one who taught me everything I knew about writing, my work industry and literature. Thank you for being the best mentor, friend and big brother a girl could ever ask for.  When I first started this blog. He exclaimed, “Oh no, not another food blog”. But supported my efforts anyway.

This one is for you, 师傅。You are missed. It will be extremely belated, but I’ll buy you that meal I owe you when I get to the other side. May we meet again.

Dean & Deluca is located at

181 Orchard Road

Orchard Central

Tel: 6509 7708