Awfully Chocolate – Singapore

If you’re mad about chocolate, there’s no harm in popping into Awfully Chocolate for dessert. Although they’ve been in town for a while, this is the first time I’ve actually stepped into one.

I’ve never tried anything from them because I was put off by the presentation. If you look far left at the picture of the store their signature “poached chocolate” looks like a piece of turd. But however, I have always been curious about their 黑 (Black in Chinese) ice-cream.

Awfully Chocolate & Hei ice-cream

Anyway, my friends ordered the White Chocolate and Butterscotch block ($6.50 per 100g) and a their best-selling Super Stacked Chocolate Cake ($6.50 per 100g). The chocolate cake was fudgey moist and bittersweet, just pure mmm. The former was too sweet for my taste but I’m not a fan of white chocolate to begin with anyway.

White Choc Butterscotch Block & Super Stacked Choc Cake

My third friend the Dark Chocolate Tart ($6.50) and I chose a nice rich scoop of ice-cream ($3.80). Normally I’m not a fan of chocolate ice-cream. But this took the cake. It was rich, creamy and thick but not cloying or overly sweet. See how the scoop sticks to the top of the parfait glass? It slowly oozes down as it melts. That’s how thick it is. My friend’s tart was similar but the Hazelnut/Nutella (I’m guessing this) crust made it all worth the calories.

Dark Chocolate Tart & Hei Ice-Cream

This chain store is also well-known for hiring pretty girls as their wait-staff. Not that I’d bother but the boys that I was with sure did. 😛

They also have several stores in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Visit: for more information.