Victor’s Kitchen – Singapore

I have had the biggest craving, no, massive craving for an oozey salted egg custard bun or liu sha bao (流沙包) lately. What is a liu sha bao, you ask? Only the most sinful type of custard bun on the planet, that’s all. And it is notoriously difficult to find as it takes a lot of skill to make an excellent one that oozes.

My best friend and I popped into Victor’s Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza to rectify that craving immediately. The place is very typical of a Hong Kong cafe where everyone is nestled up against one another. But boy, is the food good. Rapid fire Cantonese can be heard throughout the restaurants as the owners prattle on about orders and serve piping hot bamboo containers of dim sum. Most of the dim sum cost between $3.50 and $4.00.

Victor’s Kitchen @ Sunshine Plaza

They ran out of chee cheong fun – rice noodle sheets with prawn (猪肠粉) and har gao – prawn dumplings (虾饺). So we had fish congee, siew mai (烧卖) – pork and prawn dumplings, char siew bao (叉烧包) – sweet pork buns and of course, a double order of liu sha baos.

Fish Porridge, Char Siew Bao and Siew Mai

The char siew baos were fluffy and the meat was tender but nothing to shout about. Pretty standard fare. The siew mai’s stuck to the metal plate below once they cooled but they were generous with large prawns in the dumpling. We waited impatiently for the star and they did not disappoint when then arrived.

Liu sha bao!

My best friend got the gooey filling all over her fingers. Whereas, I developed a more skilled way of eating it… like a xiao long bao. Sucking the hot, sandy, custardy, buttery filling out of the damn bun.

Yours truly. Sucking on a liu sha bao.

I’ll leave you with that image but I had clean hands after eating, I’ll tell you that.

Victor’s Kitchen is located at

91 Bencoolen Street

Sunshine Plaza


Opening Hours: 10.30am – 8pm, closed on Monday