High Society Mansion – Singapore

After a lovely dinner and chit-chat with my good friend who came back from her hometown in China, we were still feeling a little peckish and I took her to the newly renovated “That CD Shop” in Pacific Plaza.

That CD Shop is well-known for their “High Society” range of CDs – compilation CDs that come in pretty box sets. Almost 3/4 of the two storey space in the Pacific Plaza outlet has been converted into the High Society Mansion with baroque inspired plush velvet chairs complete with enigmatic portraits, a champagne bar and a glass display filled with desserts. The “mansion” also pipes in their Tango selection from the “High Society” range as their mood music, making me nostalgic for my ballroom dancing days.

High Society Mansion @ Pacific Plaza

The first floor is the cafe and the cosier second floor houses the main restaurant that serves Western/Indonesian fusion cuisine. The cafe is a mite pricy with $8.00 for a pot of tea and about $9.00 for a piece of patisserie. They also have macarons, but they looked un peu fatigué. The cakes looked much better. We had the Baked Apple and Apricot Crumble ($9.00) and a slice of Classic Cheese Cake with maple walnut ($9.00).

Crumble and Cheese Cake

The crust of the crumble was a bit salty. An indication that they just made the insides and the tartlet was a pre-made shell. But the cheese cake was creamy with a hint of maple and garnished with some walnuts and almonds. That was some good cheese cake.

All in all, it is a place with a lovely ambience for a chill session with friends but if they are going to make a customer pay that much for the decor, they’d better buck up a bit on the cakes and pastries.

High Society Mansion Pacific Plaza is located at

9 Scotts Road,

#01-01/03, #02-15, S228210

Visit http://highsociety.com.sg/hs/ for more details