Maki-San – Singapore

This place is honestly the best thing since sliced bread. Imagine customising your own maki rolls! *jizz in my pants*.


Makisan at the Cathay

You start off by filling out a form with your preferences (brown rice, avocado, chicken, turkey bacon, hard boiled egg and yuzu vinaigrette in mine). It’s $6.90 for a regular and $8.60 for a longer one. They also have customised salads starting at $7.90. Vegetarians take note, you can choose your own ingredients to make a vegetarian maki too!



Behold! The beautiful slide out packaging typical of Japanese cuisine. To reveal my delicious sushi roll.


My own customised Maki

There’s at least about 50 different ingredients for you to customise your maki from the wrappings to the fillings. Très cool.

I’m definitely coming back here. It’s a nice alternative to Salad Stop or Subway, a bit cheaper too!
(hmm, this is the first time I wrote a post via iPhone, the format looks a little off…)

Makisan is located at

The Cathay
2 Handy Road