La Maree – Paris, France

I’ve always been dead curious about this chi-chi looking seafood restaurant below my boyfriend’s family apartment. With the coloured glass windows and wooden interiors. So, this time around, I managed to try it.

La Maree (credit: La Maree Website)

My boyfriend told me the entire place used to be enclosed and the crowd was much older before they decided to revamp the place a little. The set menu cost between 30 – 35 euros depending whether you want the dessert and/or entree. We decided to have the entree and main for 30 euros. Later on he wanted some dessert and added that to his set.

They served us an amuse-bouche of crab mousse and mini baguettes.

Amuse Bouche

I had Saumon Norvégien mariné à laneth, salade de mâche (Norwegian marinated salmon with dill and mache lettuce) and he had Melon et cannellonis de jambon cru, roquette, tomate séchée et parmesan (Cantaloupe with ham, rocket, sundried tomatoes and shaved parmesan).

Mmm, I can still taste the freshness of the smokey salmon till today and of course, you can’t go wrong with ham and melon as a starter. There’s just something about cantaloupes in France that are much sweeter than the ones I get back home.

Norwegian marinated Salmon and Melon with Jambon Cru

For our mains, I picked the Marinière de coquillages à la Provençale (Assorted shellfish Provencale style) and he had the Pavé de saumon saisi sur la peau, crème brûlée aux girolles (Salmon fillet with a creme brulee of mushrooms). The mussels were clearly not in season and a little bit on the wee side, but the clams and dog cockles were delish.

Especially the dog cockles. My boyfriend normally hates mushrooms but he savoured the mushroom creme brulee. To me, it was a mite weird. Salty-ish/sweet-ish. A fungus trying to be a sweet dessert, in my opinion.

(Assorted Shellfish Provencale and Salmon Fillet)

Finally the sweet spot. My boyfriend picked the Tarte fine aux quetsches et crème damande (Plum tart with almond cream) The tart was flaky and not cloying sweet. The vanilla bean ice-cream complimented it perfectly. Creating a comforting yet light dessert.

Plum Tart

I’ve satisfied my curiosity and answered my seafood cravings all in one go at La Maree. Lovely old place, I will go back once the menu has changed again. And when I’m in Paris again of course.

La Maree is located at the junction of

258 Rue du Faubourg St Honore and 1 Rue Daru

75008 France

Tel: +33 1 43 80 20 00