Aux Goûters Champêtres – Chantilly, France

It was a long arduous journey of confusing train rides to get from Paris to Chantilly. (The Gare du Nord is an absolute nightmare to navigate). I finally ended up at the beautiful Chateau de Chantilly. A lovely art filled castle with a humongous garden estate and horse stable.

Chateau de Chantilly

I wandered around the gardens till I was famished. I ended up at Le Hameau, a bunch of cottages built in the gardens that currently houses Aux Gouter Champetres.

A restaurant famed for creme de Chantilly, of course. So, I settle in for a romantic date with myself in the gardens filled with ducks waiting for stale bread. Apart from being referred to as “the Chinese” by the waiter in French, they weren’t very rude to me, so it was all good.

I had the smoked duck salad and a serving of creme de Chantilly. Quite expensive at about 24 euros with a bottle of apple juice included. However the serving was huge. Check out the quarter slice of cantaloupe .

Smoked Duck Salad

I was stuffed after that but I had my large bowl of cream to come. It came with a cigarette russe biscuit. Absolutely decadent. So decadent, I hated myself after. They did have the option of having the cream with ice-cream, fromage blanc or fruits as well.

Creme de Chantilly

It is a beautiful place to visit just a mere 1.5h outside Paris. The Parisian boyfriend calls Chantilly the “countryside” but it looks like Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives to me. Quiet and tranquil.

Aux Gouter Champetres is located at the Chateau.


BP 80411

60635, Chantilly Cedex

Tel: 03 44 57 46 21