Quick Burger – Paris, France

This isn’t going to be the typical post where I’m gushing about awesome food I’ve been eating in France. This was a meal of desperation, when everything worth eating is closed on a Sunday. In August. In Paris.

So since I was going to be bad, I was terrible. Just like the foul smell of oil in the place I ate in.

The boyfriend and I grabbed a quick meal at Quick (A Belgian/French fast food chain), even though the service was quite slow. Oh the irony…


Since I do not consume beef, I picked the Supreme Chicken Bacon burger with “frites rustiques” Potato wedges are quite popular in France. Even the Macdonald’s there has “deluxe potatoes”. Imagine with the French accent for full effect.

Yeah, the packet of fries says “Le Frites, C’est Chic!” a pun on the song Le Freak obviously. I found that quite amusing of course.

Is that Mayonnaise you see as a dipping sauce…why yes it is.

The good thing about Quick it that salt is not added to the fries before hand. You choose your own sodium intake.

Doesn’t take away from the massive fattiness of this burger. Like all fast food, you enjoy every single greasy morsel….and then you feel guilty about it for the next few hours.

Tellement gras.