Ootoya – Singapore

I’ve been to Ootoya on several occasions now and it has never disappointed me. I’ve gone through several of their loyalty stamp cards and redeemed my free meal at the end of it. It also helps that they print the amount of calories you consume with each order on the menu. I’ve learnt to avoid my favourite Katsu Don like the plague now (over 1000 calories!)


This international Japanese chain specialises in teishoko or set meals. It usually comes with a side of pickles, rice of your choice (hijiki, gogoku or white), miso soup and a side of vegetables for the day. There was once they gave me koniyaku with warabi powder in place of vegetables too.

On this visit my mother decided to try the Tori Nikomi (Char-grilled Chicken in Red Vinegar). It came with two large chunky slices of radish dowsed in a BBQ-esque smokey and sour sauce, tender chicken and some grated onions.

Tori Nikomi

Set Meal with gogoku rice

I had my favourite Maguro Don with gogoku rice (essentially 5 grain rice). It came with a soft-boiled egg, which I’m not too fond of, so I downed it like a shot to get it over with before proceeding to the main act. Pristine cuts of bluefin tuna on a bed of steaming rice. Excellent.

Maguro Don

Maguro Don Set

During another visit  with the boyfriend ( I had to change from partner because he disliked being referred to as that. Stemming from a dislike of spaghetti westerns, I guess?), we had desserts at Ootoya.  Feast your eyes on these beautiful desserts.

Warabi Mochi with Milk ice-cream and Adzuki beans

Warabi is essentially sweet toasted soya bean flour by the way. I realised  I didn’t explain it up top. My bad.

Matcha mousse with Milk ice-cream, mochi, whipped cream and Adzuki beans

Of course the Matcha mousse was for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE GREEN TEA. True to Japanese style desserts, Ootoya’s are so light you almost don’t feel guilty eating it.

I always leave Ootoya completely satisfied. One of my favourite Japanese restaurants. Be prepared to spend about $50-80 for two for a meal + desserts. It also serves Japanese beer and sake.

Ootoya is located at

Clementi Mall, Orchard Central and Suntec City