Island Creamery – Singapore

Even after a massive dinner at Holland Village with my girlfriends, something still seemed to be lacking to round off our evening. Being the greedy bitches we are, we decided to pop by The Island Creamery for some sinful creamy treats.

Locally owned, the first outlet opened in Serene Centre in 2004, and the second opened at the more accessible Holland Village, just earlier in the year. Much to my delight and ever expanding waistline.

It now has two others at Great World City and King Albert Park.

The Island Creamery

It serves a multitude of flavours with a Singaporean flair like Pulut Hitam, Teh Tarik and Bandung. It also has international crowd-pleasers like Pear Sake, Nutella and Burnt Caramel. And yes, for all you cheapskates out there, sampling the wares is allowed.

Take Away Cartons

My personal favourite is the Apple Pie ice-cream for the strong aroma of cinnamon and apple pie bits. It tasted just like Christmas. Not cloyingly sweet, slightly spicy with crumbly bits of pie. Mmm…

Apple Pie Ice-cream with a dollop of whipped cream

My girlfriend however, is partial to the Milo Ping Pong ice-cream, a chocolate malt base with marshmallow bits. I found it a tad too sweet for my liking though. But then again, I’ve never been a fan of chocolate ice-cream.

Milo Ping Pong

Of course, an ice-cream bonanza is never complete without a sundae. The Island Creamery has three signature ones for SGD$6.50.

The Apple Pie (burnt caramel, apple pie, whipped cream, real apple pie and a Crunchie bar),  The Oreo Brownie (cookies and cream, real brownie, an Oreo cookie, burnt caramel, Milo ping pong and whipped cream) and the Honey Waffle (I’m not sure of the ingredients in this one, but it has whipped cream, real waffle and Honey Star’s cereal.)

My other girlfriend got the Oreo Brownie. And realised quickly that it was massive and she could not finish it. Pure greed on her part, really. Haha!

The Oreo Brownie

Apple Pie & Honey Waffle Sundae (taken at a later date)

The Island Creamery also has ice-cream cakes, Baked Alaska and Apple Pie/Brownie a la mode.

Visit their website for more details at: