Vodka Gummy Bears – Home Away From Home

Ever since the recipe broke on 9gag, many a collegiate party and I’m pretty sure even adult events have ideas to serve these little babies.

Since I was living with my partner, his roommate always had random bottles of cheap ass vodka lying around the house. Like Hanoi Vodka, Stolichnaya or a small bottle of Smirnoff. Obviously, Hanoi Vodka could peel paint off a car. Anyway, since I had some spare time on my hands, I went out, got some Haribo gummy bears and tried making an adult-only candy.

I poured all the left over vodka in a large bowl with the bag of gummy bears. I bought the standard snack pack size.

Absolut Beary?

You have to let it stew in the fridge with a cling film over the bowl for about three days. And voila!

Bejeweled Gummy Bears

The gummy bears swelled up to twice the original size due to the alcohol absorption. I served it at my partner’s next house party and it was quite well received.

Feel free to experiment with different spirits or brands of gelatine gummies.

If anything, this party favour is a great way to get rid of shit vodka or alcohol.