Trois Gourmands – Ho Chi Minh City

Be prepared to be completely stuffed if you’re going to Trois Gourmands in Ho Chi Minh City. My partner and I decided to head there for Valentine’s day for a satisfying meal and we both ended up with food babies.

The owner, Giles, is a curly moustachioed stocky fellow, the perfect epitome of a chef. Think of Joe the Chef from Lady and the Tramp. The staff are fluent in English and one of the maitre’ds spoke French as well. To cater to the Viet-kieu and the expatriate clientele, I’m sure.

We picked the prix fixe menu for Valentine’s day. Of course, the complimentary refillable bread basket typical of French restaurants was served to us with a pat of butter. And then the degustation began.

The amuse-bouche of truffle eggs came in a martini glass. Needless to say it was gone in about two teaspoons, leaving us clamouring for more. The Trois Gourmands is known for their generosity with truffles, and I’m certainly not complaining about that!

Amuse Bouche

Next came a Vietnamese-French dish with flavoured jelly pearls. Two pieces of pan fried foie gras on a bed of salad and a foie gras “nem” roll. I’m not too big a fan of foie gras, but the nem roll made it more palatable for me. My partner, on the other hand, loved it.

Foie Gras and Foie Gras Nem

The next course was two fresh scallops on top of mashed potatoes and garnished with lumpfish roe surrounded with bearnaise foam. Being a seafood person, I enjoyed the pristine taste and the smell of the sea. By now I was getting a little full (mostly on the bread basket) , but there were still about 3 more courses to go.

Scallops and Mash Potatoes with bearnaise foam

The mains finally made their appearance, my partner chose the beef. The herb encrusted beef came with a side of mash potatoes and a square of gratin.

Beef and mash potatoes with a side of gratin

I got the lobster wrapped with fish on a bed of cheesy zucchini gratin. The lobster was firm and seared perfectly and infused with the scent of cognac, which I loved.

Lobster and ratatouille

After that came a cheese platter comprising a ripe and young camembert, St Nectaire, truffle cheese and chive cheese. The waiter humorously quipped that the ripe one was for “Le francais” and the other was for “Lasiatiques“. Which was funny, because true to his words, I preferred the young camembert. (Sorry, no pictures for this. I forgot to take one)

The meal ended on sweet note with a gros macaron filled with raspberries and cream.

Gros Macaron with raspberries and a scoop of Ice-Cream

The waiter offered us a tiny glass of digestif at the end of the meal which really helped in settling our stomachs. We were so full, I feared the bike was going to stall. The meal cost us about USD$130 including two glasses of wine and three bottles of La Vie water.

Only in Vietnam would you be able to eat this much and pay this little in a fine restaurant.

Trois Gourmands (formerly Le Toit Gourmand) is located at

18 Tong Huu Dinh Street,

Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC.

Phone No. 84 8 3744 4585